Rapid Fire Reviews: The Girl From The Sea

OOOOOOOoooooOooo! Bitches be crazy!

Note: This review is 100% my opinion and may contain spoilers

This is a short read, like just under 300 pages. It’s billed as a “psychological thriller.” Basic synopsis is a girl washes up on a beach with no memory and the more she learns about herself the more crazy the story becomes.

Now, I picked this one up off my favorite shelf at the library: New to the Library. Sometimes they are new releases, sometimes its just something that was added to the stacks recently. I always seem to scoop up fun stuff there. This one had a weird vibe to it. The cover has a chick looking all exorcisty floating out of water or drowning although to me it looks like floating.

The blurbs on the back compared it to The Girl On The Train annnnd Gone Girl so I excepted a thriller and a half. I mean, I remember actual moments where I had to remind myself to breathe when reading Girl on the Train. And Gone Girl had that crazy ass other half where you went “wooooaaahhh, bitches be crazy.”

Although this did pack a punch in the last 30 pages or so, I would not compare it to either of those books. I didn’t feel that exhilaration you get from a thriller. I wasn’t gasping or shocked. I was absolutely intrigued by what the hell happened to Mia.

And! I actually liked Mia! I feel like it’s been a minute since I liked a main character. Amnesia Mia was all kinds of empowered and her inner monologue was relatable. And thennnn–bitches.be.crazy.

I liked the book. I enjoyed the twist to the story in the end. I would certainly pick up another book by Shalani too. It was a good one.

and as happens when you read a good book, I jumped right into my next read.

Happy to feel back on track.