Rapid Fire Review: Weekend Reads

I managed to read two books this weekend. Well, technically I finished up the second this morning but it still counts.

Let’s get the more disappointing one out of the way.

Note: These reviews are 100% my opinion and may contain spoilers. 

The Girls by Emma Cline

I have seen this book everywhere. At local book stores, in ads online, on booktube; everywhere. I heard it was chilling and interesting and all those buzz words that make you want to grab it up. It has a cool looking cover that suggests the story inside takes place in the 60;s. The blurbs! OMG. They were fantastic. They also leave me to believe we were reading different books.

Personally, I have always found the whole Manson Camp story fascinating. The fact that decades later he still maintains his innocence in the whole thing. The fact that the women involved were so devoted to him. I watched that fantastic show Aquarius and loved every episode (and that dude that played Charlie was perfectly cast). So, the fact that this story used that as a jumping off point intrigued me.

And it stopped there. Now, I read the whole thing. I found myself determined to finish it because surely it had to get better.

I didn’t hate it. Here’s why: Emma Cline is a beautiful writer. I mean, straight up haunting and flowy and borderline conversational. That redeemed the not so interesting story.

I kind of hated Evie. She was annoying. BUT! She is also 14 when the story opens so she should be annoying. Her mother was even worse. UGH! The girls that were in the camp itself were varying degrees of the mean girls in high school. Just grimy and eventually psychotic mean girls.

Russell was gross and skeevy and did not come across as charismatic at all. If he was some kind of ringleader here, shouldn’t he have a little charisma. I mean, Evie talks about him just willing people to give him things but he never felt like that kind of character.

The whole Evie and Suzanne friendship, worship, love thing just..how do I explain it? I didn’t hate it and it felt like the devotion you have to people who show you attention when you are young (hell, sometimes even as adults). I also didn’t love it, it felt contrived and obvious. Like that moment in a movie when they have two girls kiss for no apparent reason.

The entire book felt like something should be happening and then it would shift to a new part of the story which was so very aggravating. It’s told in a past and present Evie perspective so it swip swaps THE WHOLE TIME.

I feel like, I may try reading something else by Emma Cline because I liked the actual writing, not the style of this story (or really this story at all), but her actual writing. But yeah, not a fan.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore by Ilene Beckerman

Yesterday, Mom and I went on a little adventure and went to five different Little Free Libraries. I have this abundance of books kicking around in my storage room that just are not getting claimed on Book Mooch at all so I figured it was time to set them free in the world. If you’ve never seen or heard of Little Free Libraries, they are exactly as they sound: tiny little boxes filled with books that you can take for free and your encouraged to leave books as well.

I ended up getting a hardcover Liane Moriarty book that I am super excited to read, Shop Girl by Steve Martin, Mom grabbed another Debbie Macomber book (she’s addicted) and this one.

This book is a memoir told in sketches. The sketches are fashion related as the title suggests and they are lovely. It’s a quick read, just a tiny little book, but I really enjoyed it. I liked that glimpse into someones life and the styles for each year.

And that is what I read this weekend!

I have a pile of four more books from my library to attack and two out of three had that creep factor promise I’m in the mood for so hopefully one of them delivers.