Rapid Fire Reviews: Let’s Catch Up!

Books. Books. Books!!

I think I read all four of these in July but as I’m not sure, we’ll just call this a catch up of reviews.

Note: These reviews are 100 % my opinion and may contain spoilers. 

All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker
HOLY FUCK! This was one hell of a ride. I mean, this haunts you the way Gone Girl does. You are reading and suddenly in the middle of this insane story that can’t possible be going the way you think it is.

This is trigger after trigger after trigger. The story centers around a horrific sexual assault and it is discussed extensively throughout the story. In great detail due to the basis that a psychologist is working on retriving memories a drug cocktail took from the victim.

This book will disgust you and intrigue you and confuse you and by the end you are thoroughly impressed by the writer’s ability to weave the fucked up web they weave.

ALSO! The move rights for this have already been sold! Kind of excited to see if it holds up to the book.

Such a good read but I stress–sooooo many triggers in this.

Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner
I have no idea why it took me so long to read this. One of my favorite movies is In Her Shoes so I’ve been interested in reading Jennifer Weiner since that came out. This was fluffy yet somehow empowering in that vein of “chick lit” we all know and love. I really enjoyed it but, if it wasn’t that I’d already acquired it’s sequel, I’m not sure I would continue with Cannie’s story. She was a wee bit annoying.

Nine Princes In Amber by Roger Zelazny
OK! Truth time! I get recommendations from everywhere. This particular recommendation was made by one (super famous hobbit) Dominic Monaghan. Ummm, I love him. Like, I think he is the most adorable man ever. Did you see The Wild? OMG I love that show-I so hope it magically comes back because watching him gush over animals is my favorite. ANYWAY. I follow him on Instagram because super adorable man who posts super interesting things including book recommendations.
Because who better to suggest a fantasy read then a freakin’ hobbit, right?
So! On to this book, the story is really interesting. It’s about a man who wakes up with no real memory and discovers he’s kind of royalty in this alternate world, Amber.
This book is the first of 10 in the series. There was a lot of world building and sort of back story so I finished it confused but kind of intrigued to continue. Not sure yet. I may pick up the next one since one of the local libraries has the whole thing. We shall see.

Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen
This is my first foray into the “cozy mysteries” genre and let me just say; it was fun! I adore the main character: 34th in line to the throne and hilarious, Georgie. I liked that it was an actual mystery- I wasn’t sure who had done the crime or not. I wasn’t sure if the dapper man who shows up was a catch or crook. I loved it. I also enjoy that there is a woman who is sexual and in an inner circle of well to do people. And! A gay couple! I will definitely continue with this series.