Bout of Books 20!

Bout of Books begins today! Here is where I shall update on my progress! 🙂 Yay readathon!

Day 1:

Challenge: Introduce yourself in six words

Stressed, Blessed, and list making obsessed.

Yeah, that’ll work. I have to return Nerve to my library today, so I will not be reading that this week. I am starting the readathon with a re-read of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Day 2:
I chose not to read The Scarlet Letter again. I read all of the introduction things and found myself just not in the mood.

I also DNF Outline because it was just so many words without going anywhere.

I did listen to about 7 short stories courtesy of Masters of Fiction on Audible. Sinbad by Kurt Vonnegut was my favorite.

Day 3:
Picked up Nicholas Sparks (Finally!). I started Two by Two and understand why Mom loves him so much. His writing is easy to read and still entertaining and intriguing.

Day 4:
I went into my library and ended up distracted by a gorgeous book, The Bedlam Stacks, and started that right away.

Day 5:
OHMyGoodness! What a hella busy week it/s been. Finally Friday! I went to my happy place (the library) after work and got a stack of books I’m excited to dive into. I read a little of Two By Two and a little of The Bedlam Stacks so far.

I’ve been listening to The Butterfly Effect by Jon Ronson and it is crazy fascinating.

Now that it’s the weekend, albeit a busy one ( wedding and a birthday to celebrate), I should be able to get some more reading in. I just made myself a giant TBR for the month of September and I feel gooood about it. Plus, I am seriously enjoying audiobooks while rolling to my stores lately.

Day 6 & 7:

I completed The Butterfly Effect which was fantastic. It’s about the Porn industry but in a more behind the scenes how this little thing effected that little thing and so on.

I also listened to a whole mess of Podcasts but I honestly did not read much except to choose not to read a couple books.

So…TBR was reduced by my DNF books more than anything else. Ahhh well.



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