TV: Big Little Lies

I read Big Little Lies at least a year ago and absolutely devoured it. It was just so well done and well written and I loved every single page, every word. So good! I was pumped when I heard it was being turned into a tv show. And then it said HBO and I was bummed because we have never subscribed to the channel but it keeps getting so many fun shows!

So when my cable company changed and thus the lineup of channels changed–I decided I was an adult that pays her bills and why not splurge on some super fast internet and channels I’d love to have. THUS- I have access to HBO. WHAT? I know.

So, this weekend I declared a binge weekend. Movies, tv, books. Relaxation happy Erika central.

I have only watched one episode as of right now, and the casting is ON POINT. I love it. and it feels like the book. It’s what I saw when I was reading it. I’m alllllll over it. Here’s hoping it continues in this fashion.

Now I am getting myself a bowl of ice cream and curling up to continue my binging because I can. 😉

Don’t forget to do you whenever possible. Because it is the best thing for you.


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