August with Nicholas Sparks

Hello and Happy August!

This month, there is a theme to my reading. Mr. Nicholas Sparks!

Why do you ask? Well, here’s the thing. My Mom is quite the reader and she discovered Mr. Sparks way back when Message in a Bottle came out. She has read every, single book. She owns every movie adaptation. He is her absolute favorite.

Somehow. I have never read one of his books. I have seen all of the adaptations. Mom claims I will love his books. And since we do own them all. And it just so happens that August is Mom’s birthday month. I am going to read Nicholas Sparks for the month of August.

I’m not sure that I’ll only read him but I would like to attempt to read a few at the very least.

I am starting with Two by Two and A Walk to Remember.

Leave  a comment with which of his books you think I should pick up this month?


3 thoughts on “August with Nicholas Sparks

  1. I two am a big fan of Mr. Sparks. I have read everyone of his books.
    Message in a Bottle was awesome but The Notebook is my favorite. I think you will love them Erika
    Very easy reading but sooooooo very good. Hope you enjoy


  2. I love your mom already!!! I have all the books too. In fact I got to see Nicholas Sparks in person and he signed my book The best of Me. Unfortunately, i lent to irresponsible barrower , didn’t get to take back my signed book.
    Your mom is correct when she said you will love all his books.


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