Amazon Lover

I love lists.

Love them.

I make them all the time. I have a planner I refer to as my “life” that lists my work schedule, my goals for each day, appointments, etc. etc.
I have a notebook that lists each “pay day” and whatever finances I hope to take care of or need to get to with that particular income.
I have a notebook that keeps track of my reading challenge lists-just because I like having something physical to look at sometimes.
and I have a massive Amazon wish list.

I have been shopping on Amazon since I was 18. The first thing I purchased was Eminem’s Marshall Mathers lyric book. I started a wish list then. Just adding things I’d like to buy eventually all willy nilly.

A few years back I realized my wish list had grown to insanely long and how would anyone that actually wanted to shop for me be able to figure it out. So I organized.

I separated everything into their own little categories.

When I am feeling particularly unfocused or restless I’ll go and sift through my lists and remove things I may have purchased else where (like a book sale where I acquired 20 new books, perhaps).

This past year, I have really been utilizing my library A LOT. Because of that, I made myself a whole new pretty list and moved the books from my well established Bookworm list to a private Borrow Me! list.

Because though I want very much to purchase allllllll the books, I can’t swing that all the time and currently, I am officially out of space to house books until I clear some of these shelves! So I borrow. I support my lovely local library. I borrow and borrow some more. And you know what, my state has some fannnntastic stacks! Thank God for Interlibrary Loans!

And moving around the lists gives me something to focus on that isn’t causing me more stress. It’s a focus that has no time constraint. That wont cost me money. That isn’t impending deadlines. It’s just something fun for me.

Whatever works, right? 😉

On the Amazon Lover front–today! I successfully purchased an upgrade for myself. I am DVD collector. I love movies. I love TV. I love stand up. I love live shows. I love the fact that you can purchase your favorites and just watch them to death. Which means, I love the Netlix annnnd Amazon Prime Video. So, since my well loved DVD player died a horrible death due to a power outage this week; I have upgraded to a BluRay player WITH streaming capability which makes me sublimely happy.

I feel it is important to find ways to treat yourself even if you live paycheck to paycheck.

Today, I spent some time playing with my lists because I needed to do something for me that calmed me. Then I did some finances and I ordered Mom some lovely new clothes she’s been eyeing. I went ahead and ordered myself that upgraded player so I can enjoy my TV time the way I love too. I even picked up the shampoo Mom prefers and a pretty new stand so my TV and new player and cable box can all live in harmony and actually fill the space they’re in.

Lists are calming for me. Shopping is incredibly fun for me. And knowing that I saved a ton of money getting things that will make us smile and feel good; that is certainly a step to less worry.



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