Bout of Books: Day 4

Did I read yesterday? Pretty sure I did. At least a little. Not much. Not much at all.


I WILL finish one book this week. I WILL!

I just renewed two of my library books and managed to acquire another when I was returning one of Mom’s.

Seriously! That woman has been blowing through books.

Tiny bit of background. My Mom is retired and yes, we live in the same home. A year or so ago, she went from being super independent and cheery to being despondent and in declining health.

Thanks to a never ending slew of tests, it was determined that her thyroid was not functioning which resulted in memory loss, depression, paranoia…need I go on?

Now! She is back to being cheery and silly. Still anxious and sometimes she is a bit of a homebody but! she is much better.

When she was sick or as I tend to put it “gone,” she suddenly hated reading. My mother, the woman that taught me to read when I was a baby and always had a book kicking around, hated reading. She was in this place where she rarely remembered the day of the week and found it incredibly difficult to read a book.

She loves Nicholas Sparks so when his new book came out this past year, I picked it up for her for Christmas. She was watching me read in the chair a couple months ago and said she needed a book to read. I reminded her about her new one and in three days, she had it done.

So I’ve been picking up books for her when I go to the library. And! She’s putting me to shame!

Which is awesome.

So yeah, I didn’t read all that much on Day 4 but, Mom started a new book.


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