Bout of Books: Day 3

I have the luxury of writing my own schedule for work (for the most part) due to it being an independent gig so I took yesterday off. Tuesday had been a long day due to my lack of sleep and I just felt better curled up with my book.

However, that whole lack of sleep for the last few days caught up to me and I ended up sleeping more than reading. I did get another 20 or so pages of Mindy Kailing’s lovely book read. I am really enjoying it too. I will definitely be checking out her other book as well. (Currently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? She also has Why Not Me?)

I have a soft spot for comedic essay collections. Although! Sometimes, I get stuck in them. Example, I’ve been reading My Booky Wook by Russell Brand for, what?, 3 years now. I mean, I read a chapter and then push it aside for months on end. And I love him! Love him! But something about memoirs. It totally depends on my mood.

This one I think it’s more the I keep wanting to sleep causing me to not be through it yet and I am really enjoying it. So, I’m kind of doing that thing where you just read one part and then move on to something else.

I’m thinking I may actually do the thing I always say I’ll do on long work days: take breaks that last a chapter long. I mean, it is a readalong week and I really wanted to return some of these books rather than having to renew them.

Poor Hamilton, I had decided to focus on finishing Mindy and then losing myself in Hamilton again. And yet, it is at the bottom of a pile of notebooks.

The determination and interest I have in reading this giant book is amazing. Despite how slowly its going. Ron Chernow does one hell of a job writing history in a way that’s completely engaging.

So! I have not completed any books yet during this readathon. I did participate in two challenges ( I think) and I did read two magazines and a lot of blogs.

OH annnnd NetGalley seems to love me this month; I was approved for four more reads on there.

I need to figure out a system so I can utilize my library, read my own books, and get my NetGalley reads going. Help? Please. Any ideas?


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