Bout of Books: Days 1 & 2

I started Bout of Books by continuing with Is Everyone Hanging out Without me? by Mindy Kailing. I haven’t really dedicated much time to reading thus far this week. Day 1 was a day with working with my boss and her boss’ boss for a few hours. Then I was feeling horrible so I went home early. I read about 10 pages before I passed out.

Day 2 I spent the morning helping my friend move in a new table. Then worked. Then moved some TVs for the same peep. I read a few more pages when I got home. Currently, I am cuddled in bed with a slight injury and seriously sleep deprived. Gilmore Girls season 3 is on in the background and Mindy Kailing is right next to me. So hopefully I may get a few more pages in before I fall asleep.

Speaking of reading in bed! Does anyone have a suggestion for a good book light? I had this awesome one and then it went missing. I replaced it with one I picked up at Books A Million but its downright horrible.

I prefer a clip on one that is bright but light weight. Suggestions in the comments plllleeeease!


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