Geeking Out: Borrow. Read. Repeat.

The year before I entered kindergarten, I learned to read. My Mom used to read me bedtime stories and I recall picking up some of the words and essentially memorizing my favorites. When I got to that first fabulous year of school and they started the reading lessons, I was one of the kids that could go to the library and pick out their own book to read and then find a quiet spot and read.

And so began my love of the library.

I remember reading an entire section of books (the kids biographies) and then another (dr. suess) and then another (fairy tales). When that library flooded a year later, my family donated books to rebuild their collection.

The town I was in at that time had just remodeled their library and I had one of the first brand new laminated cards.

When we moved to our next town, my Auntie, took me to her library to get a new card. And I quickly learned that the “children’s section” had the best chairs but the back section of “adults” had the better books. I got to be part of the ribbon cutting when they expanded this library.

When we moved the next time to the town that I am still a resident of, I found the library quickly- it was right by my new school. I got a card and when school started, I became a regular.

Cut to 20 years later and I’m still a regular. I had a co-worker years ago that used to scold me for spending so much money on books when I had a perfectly good library so close by. She was totally right.

Don’t get me wrong-I love books and trust me, I spend a lot of money purchasing them (same goes for DVDs and CDs ((yes! CDs. I love them. I will continue to love them. ))) especially when there are book sales or something I need came out (i.e., The Cursed Child). However, I am the head of my household so I save my book buying for special occasions (Library Book Sale! Every year! It’s sooooo good) and I frequent my library.

This past year, I’ve been all over going to the library. Turns out, they have a really great selection and my state is pretty awesome at Interlibrary Loans so I have access to a ton of titles. So! When I hear about a book I like, I go right to my library’s search site (because again, my library has awesome things like a site you can log into and then search the entire catalog and request away) and see if they have it.

So! Allow me to geek out for a minute on this fantastic website I stumbled upon through one of those “13 books you need to read this weekend” type lists: Borrow. Read. Repeat.

This site advocates libraries. More importantly, it gives you a heads up on the newest reads so you can go ahead and get on that hold list NOW. I am absolutely loving it. The lists of reads they suggest are interesting and make me want to just go ahead and request everything.

It’s just a fun site for any book worm or book dragon, especially those of us that are utilizing their local libraries.

Excuse me while I go looking for more reads to add to my never ending list. 😉


2 thoughts on “Geeking Out: Borrow. Read. Repeat.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! The library is one of the best places on Earth. It is for sure a second home for me. I rarely get to read my own books because of the constantly rotating, and never-ending stack of books I have out from the library. Library book sales are the best!


    • Haha exactly!!!! It’s so hard to get to the stacks I have at home when my library keeps getting in the new releases I’m dying to read.


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