Books Books Books: Affordable Ways to Obtain More

I am such a bookworm. I have a serious book shelf problem. Yes, you read that right. Book shelf problem. Not enough book shelves to properly house all of my books.

Financially, I am living pay check to pay check. In other words, I’m constantly broke.

Because of this, I look for ways to save money on things I love, like booksbooksbooks.

Let’s talk getting books for little to no cost. Ready!?

  1. Sign up for Book Bub emails. I LOVE THIS EMAIL! You can choose your preferred genres, if you want daily emails, etc. And guess what? You get an email chock full of books that are currently on sale on a variety of platforms. These are e-books so if you’re not interested in them, skip this, but! keep in mind, Book Bub finds amazing deals. I mean, I downloaded 4 new books today for $0 to my Kindle. Yup. Freeeeeee.
  2. Sign up for newsletters from your favorite authors. No joke, a lot of authors do discounts, special sales, or even free e-books.
  3. Bookmooch! I adore Bookmooch. I am a person that reads a lot of books and sometimes, I feel that pull to keep the book so that I can read it again later but typically, I just pass them on. Bookmooch allows you to list any books you’d like to give away. Each book you list gives you a portion of a point. Bookmooch points allow you to “mooch” books from other people.
    In other words, you go browsing and find Joe Schmoe from Washington has a copy of Great Gatsby and you have been dying to read that again (true story). You send a mooch request. Joe agrees to send the book to you and boom. You’ve got Great Gatsby!
    The only cost associated with Bookmooch is the cost to ship books out. You can set up a profile stating that maybe you’ll send books out once a month or once a week. Whatever works for you.
    Personally, I tend to send mine out when I can afford the extra couple bucks to do so and not many people mind.
    If you’re picky about the condition of your book; be sure to check the condition descriptions. Sometimes you get some really worn copies and others you get a first edition Wuthering Heights hardcover. (yup.)
  4. Book Outlet and Book Depository. Both of these sites have really fantastic prices and excellent selections.
  5. Books A Million’s Millionaires Club. Seriously, I know, this is a big chain and it’s not the same as shopping local. I know, I know, I know. But! They have fantastic bargain book prices. They have a huge YA collection (Hands up to the over 30 crew that love YA! *Waves frantically*) and they offer discounts on everything. The club cost $25 a year and it gets you 10 to 40% off. You get lots of coupons and the coffee and tea offered at Joe Muggs is pretty delicious. Side note: don’t drink the Frappe unless your stomach is cool with artificial everything.
  6. Amazon Prime. Again, this has an initial cost and is a giant corporation. BUT! They obviously offer a giant selection and because Kindle is Amazon’s baby, you can find a ton of ebooks here. Bonus to being a Prime member (and I geek out over these two things) you get one free new release every month is you sign up for the Prime Reading newsletter annnnnd you get 10 titles at a time (also offered on Prime Reading) to borrow.
    In an effort to de-stress this Christmas. I borrowed 10 Christmas/Holiday reads that were geared for children and blew through most of them in one night. I’m actually still working on Letters From Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien which is just gorgeous and creative and lovely.
    The 10 titles you borrow can be kept as long as it take you to get through them and then you just click return when you’re finished and you have space to grab up another.
    Oh! And! If you like Audiobooks; you can stream featured Audible audiobooks for free as well. Yup!
  7. Which of course brings me to the most obvious money saver for books-GET A LIBRARY CARD! I can’t bear the idea that people are actually saying libraries are becoming obsolete. I adore my library. I used it all through middle and high school. Both rounds of college (a whole different story) and still now as an adult.
    I’m also super impressed that libraries have found a way to kind of keep with the times.
    My local library offers two different e-reading options; 3M and OverDrive. 3M-which follows whatever rules your library has for borrowing. So I could borrow up to 3 titles at a time and have them for 3 weeks each. This one has a super convenient app so if you like reading on your phone, download it.
    OverDrive allows you to borrow for 1 week at a time and I’m not sure there is a limit. I love the wish list feature on OverDrive because I am always finding more things I’m interested in reading. I have a Kindle so I tend to use OverDrive for my ebook borrowing. This allows it to get sent right to my Kindle. Speaking of, I have one waiting for me now-note to self, charge your Kindle.
  8. And just to even it out. Net Galley. Authors and publishers want their book to be read. They want buzz. They want feedback. If you like giving feedback, sign up for a Net Galley account now! The agreement is if you read it, you review it. It doesn’t need to be a huge review but by all means, have at it. You can link the account to a blog, a youtube feed, whatever you’d like. It’s super easy to sign up and you can find some great reads on there.

Woo! Now get to it, grab some new books and get reading. Personally, I find reading to be incredibly relaxing. It is my go-to de-stresser.




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